Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Novel Detachment

Colleen made the announcement on Twitter that she was:

Going out with a fun adult SF thriller this week! Kick-a** female assassin protagonist. 100% poly-unvampired! #youknowyouwanttoreadthis

And that's me!

It's unreal. It's like reading about some other writer's work. The road has been so long, I'm a little detached. I'm excited. I know it's me, but this little voice keeps whispering, "Getting published is a dream, a fantasy. Like becoming a rock star. It doesn't happen to normal people."

Then I remind myself, I'm not normal. Hee.


Luis said...

I know for a fact you'll get published. Believe me... I know.

Sarah N Fisk said...

Awesome! I missed the tweet (haven't had much time lately, as you know :-)), but that's pretty cool.

Best of luck, hopefully you'll have some news for us soon :-)

Ryan said...

Good luck with getting published don't let the phone scare you too much

Johan Seminario said...

you're so close on being published i hope you do though. Good luck Mrs.Iriarte

holly said...

thats great mrs. iriarte! i hope the book gets published soon!

Anonymous said...

Haha you must be super excited! :)

Anonymous said...

It's True you are not normal but you sure are a good writer and a fantastic teacher

Erik Slaine said...

You mean I have to go out and buy another book? Why can't my aquaintences quit making me feel so inferior?