Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving Right Along

I love writing. I hate revising. Not to say I won't do it. I will. And I'll give it my best effort. I just don't enjoy it the way I enjoy creating new words. I think most writers feel the same way, although I have met a few who embrace and love revising.

Must be something wrong with them. :-)

Anyway, got my revision suggestions back from my new agent. I was, understandably, a little nervous. I mean, I knew she loved the book, or she wouldn't have offered to represent it. And she'd said she wanted minimal changes. But I worried that once she'd reread it with a closer eye (and no competitive deadline hanging over her head) that she'd find all kinds of things that needed fixing.

So I opened the email with some trepidation to find . . . one suggestion. That's right. One. And it was the same one she'd suggested in our initial conversations about the book. I take this as a tremendous compliment.

In addition, she offered several great ideas on how I might accomplish what she was looking for in that one suggestion. I guess I shouldn't have worried so much.

Now let's hope the changes meet her expectations.


Babydoll said...

Good luck! I hate revisions so I'm right there with you. Blah. I'd rather be creating new things than going back over and over and over the old stuff. LOL

Becky Wallace said...

Followed your story on Query Tracker. Congrats! Amy Boggs sounds like a great agent!