Friday, March 6, 2009

We Love Woot

After the first item arrived, we checked the status of the rest of our shipment, only to be informed by the website that all our order had been delivered. Eeek.

Ok, I know a wine cellar refrigerator for $3.00 plus $5.00 shipping is an awesome deal, even if the unit is rather dented in the back. However, the description of the bag of crap is pretty specific. Three or more random items, and a bag of some sort. We got one item, no bag.

So, I emailed Woot. Not because I was trying to be greedy. And I told them how much I appreciated the wine cellar. I just wanted to make sure something hadn't gone astray, and I wanted to be able to stop rushing home every day to see if a package had arrived.

They emailed back to tell me that they apologized for the missing items, and the rest would arrive in a week or two. Cool! Likely it will really be crap, this time, but at least we get a few more weeks of fun anticipation, and a bag of some sort.

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