Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Different Side of the Writer's Life

I spent the day as my mentor's assistant, yesterday. She's attending a major romance writers convention here in town, and my husband and I went over to the convention to sit in on one of her panel discussions and see if we could assist her in any way.

The panel went well. It was a discussion with seven different authors on science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal in romance. Even the news media showed up, and they caught my mentor on screen.

After that was my mentor's yearly party. Games, drinks, freebies, prizes, and a lot of very rapid set-up. That's where my husband and I came in, passing out goodie bags and promotional materials, carrying items from the car, moving chairs and tables. It was loads of fun, but I never imagined attending a convention could be so exhausting from the author's perspective. They seem to be having a great time, but after the first day, they were worn and losing their voices. Still smiling, but very tired.

Learning lots.

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