Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinner With Authors, and The Waiting Game

I suck at waiting.

I am the kind of person that needs to be doing something constructive at all times, especially if there is a task left half done, or a problem that needs fixing.

The process of trying to get a novel published is a difficult one for me.

Now, don't misunderstand. I like most aspects of the process, even rejections if they are constructive because those give me something I can DO. But once it's all done, and agents and editors have your full manuscript, and there are no more changes to make, and you're waiting for that email or phone call, that is the definition of torture.

That's where I am. I'm sure all writers can relate. But I think some are better at this waiting thing than I am.

And yes, I've begun my next project. It doesn't keep the heart from pounding every time the phone rings.

The hubby and I had dinner with my mentor and another lovely author last night. We ate at Citricos at DisneyWorld in the Grand Floridian hotel. We even got to see the fireworks from our table during dessert. We chose the restaurant. I think everyone enjoyed the meal. Certainly mine was delicious. I was a little nervous because my mentor is a connoisseur of fine food. But Disney is known for dining.

We had lots of fun conversation. I got to hear all about the convention they are attending this week, and agents, and publishing, and everything else I soak in like rain water.

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