Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And Another Request!

Yep, yet another request came in yesterday for the partial. That makes, well, a lot of them out there right now. Multiple fulls and multiple partials. It's a little scary how much my mood shifts depending on the email. Good mood today, anyway. Plugging along on book two in the series. Bogged down in chapter 7 but hoping to get unstuck after a few days off from writing. I'm thinking of attending a writers group meeting tonight. We'll see if that inspires me.


Sandy said...

Hi there. I'm popping on over here from Jodi's blog. I'm glad you're book is getting requests! Good luck with it.

I'm going to be querying a paranormal romance in probably another month or two (just have to finish revising the last four chapters, which are kicking my butt). After that, I'm tackling an SFR. I can't wait!

Luis said...

Well then, I guess there's not much to say about that.

Luis said...

That's Great!