Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Contest

I caught the early-entry discount for the Royal Palm Literary Awards contest this year. None of this last minute stuff for me! (Ok, I admit, it was the last day of the early-entry discount, and the hubby had to drive to the open-late post office to get it postmarked correctly.) However, last year I sent the entry in on the last day of the contest, period (again, in the middle of the night). I like to keep it until the last possible moment in case I spot something wrong with it and want to make a revision.

This time around, the manuscript has been through so much, I really didn't have any more changes to make. Not that I'm not open to change. Quite the contrary. I'm always open to people pointing out how I can make my work better. But I feel I've gotten past the point where I can spot necessary changes myself.

Even waiting last year, I still felt rushed with it. And, I was a finalist, but I didn't place in the top three. Now that the opening has been rewritten (twice), and it's won a contest with the Florida Writers Association already this year, I'm hoping for better results in this competition.

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