Saturday, May 16, 2009

Book Review of the Day - Lucienne Diver

Up front, let me say, I NEVER read young adult novels unless I'm critiquing my husband's manuscript or teaching them to my seventh graders.

And regarding vampires, I really tend more toward science fiction, but I'll pick up a vampire story once in a while, for fun and a change of pace.

Well, that's exactly what Lucienne Diver's YA novel VAMPED is -- a fun change of pace.

Teenage girls will love this tongue-in-cheek look at the vampire experience through a fashionista's eyes. Boys will enjoy the action and fast pace of the story. Both will find it quirky, funny, and exciting at the same time and may relate well to the main characters -- Gina and Bobby.

As I said, I teach seventh graders. While Gina and Bobby are in high school, I already see characteristics of the two in some of my students. Lucienne has nailed many aspects of the teenage mentality.

Since she came to speak at my school, I am noticing more and more copies of VAMPED in the hands of both my guys and girls during free choice reading time. It looks like Lucienne may have herself a hit with this one, and she's left us ready for a sequel.

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Luis said...

I actually met Lucienne Diver.