Friday, May 1, 2009

Connections, Connections

It's all about the networking. I've said it before. And now my parents have jumped on the bandwagon.

I finally got up the nerve to let my father read Assassin's Nightmare. He says he is very much enjoying it. He should be finishing it this coming week. And he's impressed. This is a Harvard graduate, a patent attorney. The man is very hard to impress. And he never says it unless he means it. While growing up, I found this personality trait frustrating. In fact, it's one of the problems/themes the main character in my novel faces. But as an adult, I have come to realize that his demanding so much of me makes it even sweeter when he tells me he likes something I've written.

Anyway, my parents regularly go to a fitness center to keep in shape. And my mother is a talker. To everyone. She's inherently friendly. Apparently, a lady who attends the center with them is a retired slush reader for Random House publishing. She might even have been an acquisitions editor, but Mom wasn't too clear on her former title.

Mom being Mom told her all about my manuscript, the contest win, and Tor's interest. So this nice lady asked to read it. Dad wouldn't let her have it without my permission, which pleased me greatly. He's treating me like an adult. I've been one for quite some years now, (more than I'll admit), but I appreciate it when my parents show me the consideration of actually treating me like one. Of course, I said to go ahead and show it to her.

One never knows whom she is still in contact with back at Random House.

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