Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Winning the Lottery

No, we didn't really win the lottery, at least not the big one. But we did win $150.

The hubby and I never play the lottery anymore. We used to, before we had kids. It was fun to dream about it. But we realized the odds of winning were ridiculous. Then the Florida Lottery got smart. They mailed out coupons!

They sent a sheet of coupons in the mail for things like buy one ticket, get one free, or two dollars off a five dollar scratch off, etc. On Mother's Day, I said, why not? We used the entire page of coupons for a total of $23 dollars spent on a bunch of lottery and scratch off tickets.

Most were duds. But I scratched one off and won $100! Then I scratched off another one and won $50! Definitely a good deal!


Lucienne said...

Found money! Go, you!

Lisa Iriarte said...

Thanks! Yeah, it was quite a shock!

Ryan said...

nice job mrs iriarte :)