Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

At my author mentor's suggestion, I am endeavoring to enter more contests. Today I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. I doubt I have a chance of winning. The previous winners have been predominantly mainstream or mystery/thriller. But it's free. And the winner gets a $25,000 publishing contract with Penguin Publishing. So I really had nothing to lose by entering except the time it took me to put my entry together. And that wasn't too bad since they wanted things I'd pretty much already put together for agent submissions and other contest entries. They needed a synopsis, a pitch, and an author bio. I had all those, and they were close to the right lengths, so they required very little editing.

As for Baen's Bar, I've only had one person give me feedback. She had a few nits to pick, but then she said I needed to reveal my character's purpose/mission earlier, otherwise, she can't relate to the character. I'm already revealing it within the first five pages. I try to establish the setting and the personality of the protagonist in the first four pages, so I'm not sure I can discuss the mission much earlier. I suppose I could briefly refer to it in her thoughts. I'm hoping other readers will comment, as this problem has never been mentioned by any of my other critters.

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