Monday, February 23, 2009

Book Review of the Day - Stacey Klemstein

I had a unique opportunity to read The Silver Spoon by Stacey Klemstein. I met author Stacey Klemstein through Linnea Sinclair. Stacey was kind enough to email me her first published novel to read at my leisure.

She had to email it to me because it was published through a small house and is very difficult to actually find in print. Despite having to read it on my computer screen (which I hate. I really like to hold a book in my hands.) I still enjoyed it very much.

At first, the main character seemed too realistically fragile for my taste. I like my female protagonists to be braver and stronger than life. Hers is a reluctant hero, complete with asthma inhaler. But she has an inner strength that is revealed through her actions and choices made in the face of one challenge after another.

There are some neat, original twists on the "alien invasion" plotline. I liked these, since "earth based" science fiction is also not my thing. And the male romantic interest is definitely an interesting deviation from the norm.

I am looking forward to reading the sequel.

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