Thursday, February 26, 2009

Authors Visiting My School

I've been working for several weeks to put together a panel of authors to come and speak to my students about writing novels. Finally, it is confirmed. At the end of April, Linnea Sinclair, Stacey Klemstein, and Lucienne Diver (also a prestigious literary agent) will be coming to my school to answer all my students' questions. They are very excited, and the authors are being incredibly generous with their time and hotel money to do this for my students. I hope they will gain a lot from the experience, and I hope the authors will sell a lot of books. Stacey and Lucienne write young adult novels, and my students are avid readers. I expect both sides will profit from this.


Anonymous said...

i remember that day! it was fun! i think you should do that again. it was cool that we actually had authors visting our school!!

Andylucho said...

I loved it a lot! i wish we could have done it again!

Ryan said...

shame i got switched out just before are we doing it again?