Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woot! and the Elusive Bag of Crap

One topic of interest for today. If you have never heard of Woot!, it's a website that features one product (usually electronics) per day at a really good price. My husband and I have been shopping there for years. We haven't bought much, but we got good deals on the items we did purchase. And every once in a while they hold a "woot-off" where they sell one item after another all day for about two days until each individual item is sold out. And somewhere in all those random items is a "bag of crap."

Yep, for three dollars, plus five dollars shipping, you can buy three random bags of crap. And it's the most difficult item to secure, because everyone watching the site wants crap. Why? Well, it's like a contest. You never know what is going to be in your bags of crap. Whatever it is, it's always worth the eight dollars. But it might be worth a lot more.

We've only won the bags of crap twice now, once about two years ago, and once two days ago. In the first bags, we received a t-shirt, a model car, and a very nice remote-controlled car, along with a nice backpack that one of my kids is using for school, now. Certainly worth more than eight dollars. But some people (random winners among the purchasers of the crap) receive televisions, computers -- it could be anything that the website sells.

So, now we wait for the delivery of our crap in great anticipation.

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