Friday, February 27, 2009

author talk

Went to see Linnea Sinclair give a lecture on Wednesday night about an hour north of here. The hubby and I got together with her an hour beforehand for drinks and appetizers. Then we had to rush to get to the library where she was speaking. We made it, she accidentally went to the old library instead of the new one.

The librarians remembered us from a similar event last year, which was rather cool. We have progressed in this relationship from fans to friendly stalkers to mentorees. It was assumed that we were Linnea's entourage. We were in contact with her by phone, giving the event staffers an e.t.a. We handed out fliers. We encouraged people to buy her books and offered to help her set up and take down. We walked her in and walked her out. We carried messages between her and the staff and vice versa.

The lecture was fun, as her lectures always are. She is fantastic for a morale boost. She pointed out both me and the hubby, identifying us as her mentorees and stating for the audience that we would soon be New York house published. I hope this is so. I believe her exact words were, "Lisa is eight and a half months pregnant with a publishing contract. She's due to explode with it at any minute." Now, there was a visual I did not need.

During the talk, she said several things that hit close to home. She talked about the characters within authors' heads, all screaming to be let out, and the one we write about is the one screaming the loudest. So true. A few years back, I wrote an earlier story in the Agency Files series I'm working on. It centered around a different character from the current manuscript -- Assassin's Nightmare. And the entire time I was writing it, I kept telling the hubby that I wanted to write Vick's story. I needed to write it. She demanded to be written. And finally, I did. And I think Assassin's Nightmare is likely a better book for that reason.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing Linnea speak again in April. She always gives a wonderful performance.

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iriarte you should never rush while people talk