Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manuscript Sent

Spent all day Friday finishing up the last edits on Assassin's Nightmare. Finally, around 8:30 P.M. I sent it to the agent who had requested the full manuscript. And now I'm a nervous wreck. I believe I could have done a bit more with it, but then again, we always believe that. No work is ever perfect. I'm always finding little things to tweak or change. I wish my teaching life hadn't gone all to heck right before the manuscript was due. I would have had more time to touch things up. But I think it's good.

The problem is, in this economy, it has to be great. And it might be. I know I'm really close. The last rejection I received was from an agent who held onto my partial for six months. When she sent the rejection, she said she'd been sitting on it, trying to find a way to work it into her agency's list, but finally decided, in this economy, that it wasn't right for them. I'm getting very tired of the economy.

My first time attempting to get published, the rejections all read, "You're a very talented writer, but this is badly in need of editing." So, I learned how to edit. And I sought advice from published writers in that area. Now the rejections all talk about how they would love to take me on, but the economy is too poor to take a risk on a new writer. Well, I can't fix that. I am a new writer, and I'm going to continue to be one until someone takes a chance on me.

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Joe Iriarte said...

Great. Now I have ABBA stuck in my head . . .